Inky Store獨家引入的台灣設計品牌《CHENG PAI CHENG》

Inky Store


Makeuparitist&hair | Fiona li
Model|Astor Liu
Designer|CHENG PAI CHENG 10690282_1539103556342161_7261718329332408619_n10968443_1539103406342176_7134229737349007065_nIMG_3233IMG_3237IMG_3238IMG_3239

分享早前Inky Store獨家引入的台灣設計品牌《CHENG PAI CHENG》,與攝影師徐浩秦融入的絕美攝影作品。

而《CHENG PAI CHENG》2015的春夏系列,亦快將登場,喜歡CPC的女仕們密切留意啦!

地址:澳門美的路主教街28號 Inky Store

Photograph from: CHENG PAI CHENG

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梁衍奇 Inky Leong

梁衍奇 Inky Leong 數位創作人 倫敦作家約翰‧伯格(John Berger)在著作《講故事的人-The Story Teller》曾經提及:「我從不曾想把寫作當成一種職業。這是一個孤栖獨立的行動,練習永遠無法積蓄資曆。寫作不過是去接近所寫經驗的行為,正如(但願)閱讀是去接近所寫文本的一樣。」 order to promote Macao fashion culture, he actively participates in all kinds of social charity activities, to let the society increase their sense towards fashion, which has caused good influences to Macao fashion industry and led the communication between the global fashion culture to a different level.

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