INKY LEONG澳門首次受獲出席「2016 韓國大邱時裝展 DAEGU FASHION FAIR 2016」



今次榮幸受獲出席由「韓國大邱時裝研會」舉辦的「DAEGU FASHION FAIR 2016 大邱時裝展2016 」開幕活動,稱之為韓國最大型的時裝博覽活動,獲邀國家包括來自日本、意大利、美國、中國、印國、俄羅斯等30多個國家的時尚行業者出席;加強國際時尚技術上交流與合作,提高推廣韓國時裝產業的知名度!為2020年「大邱時裝展」能成為「亞洲米蘭」而大力推動!

特別感謝今次「韓國大邱時裝研會」全程精心安排的開幕活動、時裝品牌秀、晚宴酒會,還有專程特約的韓國媒體DFF  MAGAZINE首次對澳門時尚行業專訪、Inky Store的買手故事、以及INKY LEONG個人時尚態度訪問!


密切留意!「DAEGU FASHION FAIR 2016 大邱時裝展2016 」明天正式舉行!


梁衍奇 Inky Leong

梁衍奇先生從2014年開創Inky Store 時尚精品店、I.N.K本地原創服裝設計品牌、達星國際項目有限公司、墨泉時尚文化有限公司;經營多個門市及公司營運團隊,從事美容、服飾、餐飲、原創品牌、珍稀奢侈品,項目投資策劃;積極投入時尚產業。澳門首位多次受邀出席國際多個名牌時裝週,擔任各大品牌的客席造型師及區域媒體時尚領導。2017年受委任「澳門時尚文化協會」副會長,為澳門時尚文化產業大力推行,積極參與社會公益慈善活動,培養社會對時尚的教育,引領著澳門時尚的影響力,以及全球時尚文化交流。

 Inky Leong, Founder and Executive Director. Since 2014, Inky has founded "Inky Store", the fashion boutique, "I.N.K", the local original fashion design brand, 達星國際項目有限公司 and 墨泉時尚文化有限公司.He operates a number of stores and company, engaged in a variety of industries, including: beauty, apparel, catering, original brand, rare luxury goods and project investment planning.

 Nevertheless, he also actively participates in the fashion industry. He is the first one in Macau that has been invited to attend several international fashion weeks, and also has been served as a guest stylist and regional media fashion leader for major brands.

In 2017, he was appointed as the Vice President of the Macao Fashion Culture Association. In order to promote Macao fashion culture, he actively participates in all kinds of social charity activities, to let the society increase their sense towards fashion, which has caused good influences to Macao fashion industry and led the communication between the global fashion culture to a different level.

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