Inky Store

Inky Store 是由流行時尚、生活旅遊、音樂藝術集結的精品服飾店。主要提供各地流行服飾,專業形象服務,讓澳門本地注入更多流行時尚文化。

澳門流行時尚精品服飾店:日韓流行女裝、歐美設計品牌、奢華古董手袋系列;以及獨家代理紐約品牌《Asli Filinta》、英倫絲巾品牌《St.Piece》;為客戶提供優質時尚,以及專業時尚形象服務。
Inky Magazine is from a clothing boutique with a combination of fashion, lifestyle, travel, and music art. It provides trendy apparels around the world and professional image building service, aims to inject more elements to Macao’s fashion culture. The founder, Inky Leong, is a former Hong Kong STYLE-TIPS fashion blogger and lifestyle literature blogger; currently as a fashion columnist of Macao “Soda Magazine”.
總店:澳門美的路 主教街 28CA號 地下
第二分店:澳門啤利喇街 粤華廣場 地下 AB



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